Watch- A Woman's Favourite Accessory!!


Women, as we see; are seen as the most complicated personalities on the earth to be understood. We are not sure about the reason, but many men seem to be struggling and conclude the above statement. Women are choosy in everything, starting from very basic category of vegetables to the most expensive things like car. They want the best and aren’t always easily satisfied.

The most problematic areas are when it’s a special occasion, like her Birthday, anniversary, close friends birthday, mom’s birthday, kid’s birthday and few others. Are you a man, who is struggling similar to us? Then don’t worry buddy, we have come with few tips for you, to avoid an embarrassing situation in your life.

Well, is your woman very concerned about time, or she is always a lazy bum? No matter what type she is, gift her nice watch, one among few collections, sure she will be pleased and stay calm. If you have enough bucks, go in for Rolex or TAG, and then you can be assured of peace at home for the rest of your life. Well, with jokes apart, women are seen to love ‘accessories’ most and the best ones are ‘watches and handbags’. Handbags they want to shop by themselves, design, brand, colour, size and type all changes when you do the shopping. So, better leave it to them.

Women love watches, ranging from the cheap ones to the most expensive ones, they would love to have it in their closet. They love to flaunt it with friends when necessary and carry as a mark of respect. They sometimes have emotional sentiments attached to a watch or love the physical appearance. Since women have many choices in everything, pleasing them is very difficult and a little tough job. But with these tips in choosing a watch for a woman, may be the love of your life, or your sister, or your closest friend, sure you wouldn’t go wrong. The woman of this watch will be pleased by your involvement in her understanding.

Guide 1: select the type of movement of watches

First select which type of movement is her liking. There are many types, mechanical, and quartz are the most widely seen to be used. Mechanical watches are the most expensive ones too since it involves lot of precise working and much difficult to maintain. But, many women are seen to flaunt mechanical ones, may be due to its sophisticated design and work involved or may be its pricey and they think they deserve it. On the other hand, quartz watches are more reliable, needs less maintenance and less in price too, comparatively. So, make the choice and decision with these factors in mind.

Guide 2: style of watches

Women arechoosy and they are deeper in their thoughts. Hence here at choosing a watch that reflects her personality is very important. The style of watches has a lot to do about her personality and hence requires careful attention when you decide to gift them. The classic round ones are always a yes. But, when it’s a special occasion you may dare trying the other shapes like square and rectangular.
The strap case is another important point to be considered. Since it’s a special gift, you may consider buying the steel case. If she has too much steel, then you may opt in buying a leather strap. If she is a fashionista, you may try new range of silicon straps and sort of plastic ones too.  Make sure you buy something she doesn’t have, and would really love having.

Guide 3: material of the watch

Well, this is another important point. You must pay close attention to the material of the watch, whether gold, or silver or rose gold or plain metal, what is her liking and preference. There are stainless steel metal for those bold women, who wear it with ease. For the much feminine women, choose something in the rest of the materials, apart from gold, platinum and rose pink are the trending ones now. There are many brands that have exquisite design in these material types. There are ceramic watches for that party birdie who loves going to parties and weddings, it looks highly polished and adds that glamourous touch to their attire and personality.

Guide 4: look for the ‘W’ factor

Well, don’t get confused again, its ‘WOW’ factor. Yes, every woman loves to be pampered in one way or the other. So show your care in gifting her watch with this Wow factor. The one she can’t take her eyes off, and can’t stop flaunting. Doesn’t have to be an expensive one always, buy one that she doesn’t have, in terms of strap or dial shape or brand- matching to her personality, sure it will bring out that WOW factor in her!